RadCom April 2019, Vol. 95, No. 3

By rsgb Kenwood TS-890S – Kenwood’s latest HF+ radio, modelled on the TS-990S To read this edition, tap or click cover image News and Reports Around Your Region – Club events calendar 88 Around Your Region – Events roundup 92 New products 16 News 14 Obituary – Joan Heathershaw, G4CHH 50 Obituary – Jim Stevenson, G0EJQ 95 […]

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NRC radio room closed to visitors on Sat 30th

By Anna Clarke On Saturday 30 March, GB3RS and the radio room at the RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park will be not be available to visiting radio amateurs. This is because they will be in use for training and practical assessment purposes as part of an Arkwright Academy Foundation License event. Whilst GB3RS will still be operational, it […]

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Modified Digital QST App Now Available for Apple iOS Users

Apple has released a new app for digital QST (version 5.1) readers that use that platform. A long-standing problem involved the inability of some Apple iOS app users to download digital QST issues to their devices. When they attempted to do so, the app crashed. The new app is now available on the Apple iTunes store. Apple also required ARRL to create a new version of the app that allows non-mem…

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The 2018 ARRL DXCC Yearbook is Now Available

The 2018 ARRL DXCC Yearbook is now available for viewing and downloading. The DXCC Yearbook includes the 2018 Annual List, as well as the 20187 Clinton B. DeSoto Challenge top scorers. DXCC is Amateur Radio’s premier award that hams can earn by confirming on the air contacts with 100 countries. You can begin with the basic DXCC award and work your way up to the DXCC Honor Roll.

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AMSAT Academy to be Held Prior to Dayton Hamvention

By Paul Stoetzer

Come joins us the day before Hamvention, for AMSAT Academy – a unique opportunity to learn all about amateur radio in space and working the FM, linear transponder, and digital satellites currently in orbit.

AMSAT Academy will be held Thursday, May 16, 2019, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, at the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) Clubhouse, located at 6619 Bellefontaine Rd, Dayton, Ohio.

Registration Fee includes:

Full day of instruction, designed for both beginners and advanced amateur radio satellite operators, and taught by some of the most accomplished AMSAT operators.
Digital copy of Getting Started with Amateur Satellites, 2019 Edition ($15 value)
One-Year, AMSAT Basic Membership ($44 value)
Pizza Buffet Lunch.
Invitation to the Thursday night AMSAT get together at Ticket Pub and Eatery in Fairborn.

AMSAT Academy 2019 Registration Fee: $85.00. Registration closes May 10, 2019. No sign ups at the door. No refunds, No cancellations.

Registration may be purchased on the AMSAT Store.

Details about AMSAT’s other activities at the 2019 Hamvention, including the TAPR/AMSAT Banquet may be found here.

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Comments, please #ARRL #hamradio

By noreply@blogger.com (Lloyd Colston)

If you saw the tweet, you noticed the Federal Communications Commission wants your opinion.
FCC requesting comments on two ham radio license proposals https://t.co/F4bw315NtD #ARRL #hamradio pic.twitter.com/DJ9Ovx5rGL

— kc5fm (@kc5fm) March 16, 2019

To file comments, go to the

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ESEO satellite commissioning starts

By qrznow

On Monday, December 3, 2018, the 50 kg ESA Education Office satellite ESEO was launched by Space-X on the Spaceflight SSO-A SmallSat Express mission.

Following the launch from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base, ESEO separated from the launch vehicle and automatically activated the periodic transmission of its telemetry beacon. However, by the time out of a predefined period, having not received commands from the ground station, the spacecraft automatically entered into safe mode.

Some initial communications issues were experienced by ESEO in receiving commands from the ground stations in Forli’ (Italy) and Vigo (Spain), but they were resolved when the ESEO team of the Observatory of Tartu offered the possibility to use a ground station in Estonia. This is capable of transmitting with higher power, for a temporary contingent use. The Estonian ground station has been configured to be operated remotely by the ESEO MCC team, which involves students of the University of Bologna.

ESEO then started executing the commands transmitted from ground.

ESEO has now completed the LEOPS (Launch and Early OPerationS) phase of its mission, reaching the platform nominal mode and has begun the process of commissioning the whole satellite: firstly the platform functions, with the payloads functions following.

As part of this commissioning process, but subject to the successful completion of other preparatory tasks of the platform subsystems commissioning, it is anticipated that initial testing of the AMSAT communications payload will be carried out within the next few weeks.

AMSAT-UK will endeavour to provide some advance notice of these tests being undertaken, but the first step will be activation of the 1200 bps BPSK telemetry beacon on 145.895 MHz. The telemetry format matches previous FUNcube missions and data from this beacon will be forwarded to the FUNcube Data Warehouse using any of the FUNcube dashboards. However, to see the decoded values and graphical displays, please download the dedicated ESEO mission dashboard which is available at

The payload has, additionally, a high speed, 4800 bps BPSK data format downlink and also a Mode L/V FM transponder both of which will be tested.

Further information about ESEO can be seen at



Leixen VV-898

April 27, 2015
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Leixen VV-898 Features * PTT ID (Voice broadcast PTT ID) * All calls, group calls and selective calls * Monitor, RX Inhibit, RXTX Inhibit and Eme…

Wouxun KG-D901 DMR realese 2016

Wouxun KG-D901 DMR realese 2016

December 08, 2015
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WOUXUN have recently announced a new radio coming to market in Q1 2016 and this will be a DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) and also come complete with analo…



May 24, 2016
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Wouxun KG-UV8E You want to transmit on the 220 but you don’t want to lug an extra radio around. Why carry multiple transceivers at your side whe…




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The Latest Episode of ARRL Audio News is Available

Listen to the new episode of ARRL Audio News on your iOS or Android podcast app, or online at http://www.blubrry.com/arrlaudionews/. Audio News is also retransmitted on a number of FM repeaters. Click here and then scroll down to see the list.

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ARRL Announces 2018 QST Antenna Design Competition

The 2017 QST Antenna Design Competition was such a success that ARRL is doing it again this year, with a special twist. The 2018 competition challenge is to design the best LF, MF, or HF antenna for limited space applications. Entrants should send their best designs for evaluation according to the competition rules. Even designs that don’t win a prize might still be eligible for publication in …

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Tulsa Public Service Events

If you are interested in helping with public service events there are 3 opportunities coming up.

  1. Maple Ridge Run – May 26th – This is a 5k fun run in the Maple Ridge Neighborhood. A handheld is all you need all positions are
    stationary. We meet at 26th and Owasso at 6:00am. If this is your first event we will pair you with an experienced operator. You will finish by noon. Sponsored by TRO
    Contact Tom Stroud – KD5OPH@Tulsahamradio.org
  2. Tour de Cure – May 31 – This an all day bike ride. We meet at Hillcrest South Hospital, 191st and 169, around 6:30am. Our responsibility to to see that everyone makes it back to the start/finish. We sag between rest
    stops and sweep the course and help with safety. This year we will carry
    a medic in each sag vehicle. Mobile radios are a must . If this is your first event we will pair you with an experienced operator. We start early and some stay late. We also use APRS to track the sags. You will be reimbersed for your fuel. We need 10-12 operators. Snacks are available on the course. Sponsored by TRO
    Contact Tom Stroud –
    KD5OPH@Tulsahamradio.org or me at benj1@aol.com

    If you decide at the last minute, come on out.

  3. Tulsa Tough – June 7-8. This is 2 days of all day bike rides. Our responsibility is to see that everyone makes it back to the start/finish. We sag between rest stops, sweep the course and help with safety. This is the 5th largest event of its kind in the US and the largest of its kind in OK. It has grown to the point that a race management team is coming to help. Day 1 goes south and west of Kellyville and Kiefer and north to just west of Sperry. Day 2 goes north as far as Ochelata and Barnsdall.
    We can use 15-18 operators for each day. Mobile radios are a must. We may
    have some stations at rest stops. A handheld with a good antenna may work there. We can use you all or part of a day, one or both days. You will be reimbursed for your fuel.

    Each day starts around 6:30am and some stay as late as 7:00pm.
    Snacks are available on the course.
    There is a real emphasis on APRS this year. This is avery good opportunity to see how it

Sponsored by TARC
You need to register with Tulsa Tough for safety, legal reasons and a t-shirt. To register:

Go to www.tulsatough.com
click on “get involved’
click on “volunteer”
click on “sign up now”
Scroll down to ‘Ham Radio Operator” sign up for one or both days.

If you decide at the last minute, come on out.
If you have trouble with the web site contact me at .

Ben Joplin, WB5VST
Zone 5 Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service-Oklahoma 918-639-2853 Cell
918-396-1651 Home