Veterans Day Parade 2016

Members of the Mid-Del Amateur Radio Club, for the past 5 Years, have volunteered their services as trained communicators for the Midwest City Veterans Day Parade. This year marks the 5th year of the annual event honoring our veterans, for the past and present. This year is no different for the members of the Mid-Del ARC. 15+ members of the club work volunteer in all parts of the parade donating over 77 man hours in just this one event.


Since the first year of the event, the club has made use of a special spotter position along the parade route. This spotter was in constant communications with the Grandstands where the Emcee of the event would announce the parade entries to the many spectators. The Parade Coordinator has specifically requested this time and time again and it has proved useful each year due to parade entries falling out of order.

This year however the Mid-Del ARC offered a unique service to Incident Command that had not been offered the the past 4 years. Utilizing the Micro-Trak AIO (All In One)(Figure 1), the use of APRS offered Incident Command, a near real time view of the parade route, and the progress of the parade. This device aided with the orders to close and open lanes of traffic of the public streets as well as potential problems or delays in the parade route.


Utilizing 3 of the Micro-Trak AIO, placing one on the lead, middle, and the tail-end-charlie. Net Control was able to display the information provided by these units to the Incident Commander so he was able to make better and more informed decisions in regards to parade route operations.


The staging of all the parade entries was split up between 4 staging areas spanning a distance of almost a mile apart also add to another unique opportunity for Radio Amateurs to shine. Placing Radio Operators in each staging area to coordinate all the entries within their staging area. Our Auxcomm Manager Donald, W5DRO Unitized 4 different simplex frequencies for each staging area to communicate within their area. This allowed for less traffic to be passed on the Ham Command frequency, our local club repeater. This allowed for more important information to be passed on the Command frequency.


Radio Amateurs were not the only ones in the staging parade entries in the each area. The Midwest City Fire Department was also working side by side with Radio Amateurs. There were some communication problems with some of their units due to being in low lying areas within the almost 1 mile long staging area segments by wooded area and hills. 800 Mhz public safety radios were unable to reach their repeater. So Radio Amateurs were able up pass traffic over the that terrain to make communications possible.


Having such a strong working relationship with our public safety officials within the City of Midwest City is important part of our radio club. The City Departments allow the club to utilize their training centers for the amateur radio club to teach new licensing classes, helping new people to enter our wonderful hobby as well as continuing education for even extra class radio amateurs and for that we thank The City of Midwest City and look forward to the future.

Repeater List

UHF 444.000Mhz + 5.00Mhz Offset 151.4Hz Tone

UHF 442.950Mhz + 5.00Mhz Offset DCS 411

Club Meeting Where: Chequers Restaurant 1009 South Air Depot, Midwest City, OK  Grid Square: EM15GK When: 1st Saturday of every month Time: 10:00am to 11:00am Talk-In: 444.000Mhz + 151.4Hz Tone.

Training Meeting When: 2nd Monday of every month Where: Midwest City Fire Department Headquarters 8201 E Reno Ave, MWC GPS:-97.3853 35.46453 Grid Square: EM15HL Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm Talk-In: 444.000Mhz + 151.4Hz Tone. Mid-Del ARC PO Box 30512 Midwest City, OK 73140


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KF5VBU - Tanya Tock



W3LEO - Leah Ohse


Emergency Coordinator

W5DRO - Donald Ohse



K5ATG - Aaron Scott

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