Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon needs more hams.

 Once again it is time to put the call out for amateur radio operators to volenteer for a very noble event, the Memorial Marathon in Oklahoma City. Since its inauguration in 2001 the Memorial Marathon has become one of the nations prestigious marathons. It is also one of the premier qualifying marathons for the world famous Boston Marathon. Each year more than 25,000 marathon runners take to the streets of Oklahoma City. The course runs through some of Oklahoma Cities most scenic neighborhoods like  Deep Duce, Bricktown, Nichols Hills, Lake Hefner and many more.  The Memorial Marathon continues to grow to this day, as a result many thousands of spectators line the streets to show their support and to cheer on the runners. As amateur radio operators, we know, when that many people gather for a single event often cell phones overwhelm the system and it becomes very hard to get much needed information to the race officials that need it. This is where amateur radio operators step up. Amateur radio operators provide a valuable line of reliable communication between what is going on with the race and the people that run the event.  Amateur radio operators are needed in all parts of the marathon, rather it is at medical stations, water trucks, position vehicles, command post and many more. If a runner or spectator become injured and is in need of emergency medical attention, it could be disastrous trying to call for help on an already overloaded system. Amateur radio would still be reliable for situations like this. Volunteering for the Memorial Marathon is a great way to remember that tragic day in 1995, and to gain valuable experience and training for future need. By volunteering you will be helping your community in a big way. In 2016 it was estimated that $50,000 was saved in expenses by amateur radio operators volunteering. This is a great experience and you will come away feeling proud of yourself for helping out at such a wonderful event. To sign up simply go to Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon  To make sure that you are taken to the correct sign up page be sure to use the code: PSC17 If you have any questions please contact Mike Rockey at gjnmerock1@cox.net

If the above link does not work copy and past the following to your browsers address bar: www.cuetoems.com/ocmm_2017/Volunteer.aspx

Repeater List

UHF 444.000Mhz + 5.00Mhz Offset 151.4Hz Tone

UHF 442.950Mhz + 5.00Mhz Offset DCS 411

Club Meeting Where: Chequers Restaurant 1009 South Air Depot, Midwest City, OK  Grid Square: EM15GK When: 1st Saturday of every month Time: 10:00am to 11:00am Talk-In: 444.000Mhz + 151.4Hz Tone.

Training Meeting When: 2nd Monday of every month Where: Midwest City Fire Department Headquarters 8201 E Reno Ave, MWC GPS:-97.3853 35.46453 Grid Square: EM15HL Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm Talk-In: 444.000Mhz + 151.4Hz Tone. Mid-Del ARC PO Box 30512 Midwest City, OK 73140


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