2018 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

The OKC Memorial Marathon will be Sunday April 29, 2018. Again, this year we need 80 – 100 Ham Radio volunteers. If you know anyone who is licensed and is interested in helping and has not received an invitation thru a radio club list, please give this email to them.

Below is the URL for registering for the 2018 OKC Memorial Marathon as a Ham Radio volunteer.


The first page is shown below. Please fill it and the following pages out as complete as possible. Your info is not shared with anyone.


Create a user name and password you can remember so if you have to go in and update or correct something, you can.

Be sure to check the “I agree…..” box and there is a register or continue button just below what you see here.

It then takes you to a “Welcome screen. Read it and then click on “Click here to begin”. It asks for more info. Please fill it all out so you can be contacted by email or cell or home phone if necessary. Also, your shirt size, call sign, et,

There will be a ”previous experience” you can put in anything you want, the next page is for your shirt size, and then next is a schedule availability where you should check all day and if there is anyone you want to work with. This is where you can list family, friend, etc, (some who may not be lic’d but will work with you). There is also a box for your call sign. Please fill it in. If you are someone who will be working with a licensed person be sure to supply that info also.

It then goes to a fee page which should show $0.00. AND THEN YOU CAN LOG OUT AT THE TOP RIGHT.

You will receive an email asking to verify your email. Please do so.

Thanks so much for volunteering. If you have problems, please email me and I’ll get the IT folks at the office to help correct any problems.

As much as possible I will try to assign you to the same place(s) as last year.

If you have other preferences,licensed please list them and I will do my best to accommodate you.


Repeater List

UHF 444.000Mhz + 5.00Mhz Offset 151.4Hz Tone

UHF 442.950Mhz + 5.00Mhz Offset DCS 411

Club Meeting Where: Chequers Restaurant 1009 South Air Depot, Midwest City, OK  Grid Square: EM15GK When: 1st Saturday of every month Time: 10:00am to 11:00am Talk-In: 444.000Mhz + 151.4Hz Tone.

Training Meeting When: 2nd Monday of every month Where: Midwest City Fire Department Headquarters 8201 E Reno Ave, MWC GPS:-97.3853 35.46453 Grid Square: EM15HL Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm Talk-In: 444.000Mhz + 151.4Hz Tone. Mid-Del ARC PO Box 30512 Midwest City, OK 73140


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W5DRO - Donald Ohse




K5ATG - Aaron Scott


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