September 2014 Meeting Minutes


Rally The Troops!

CQ everyone!
I hope you have been able to work W1AW/5. HF is an excellent way to expand your radio horizon. Last week I took a 100 watt HF radio with me on a river rafting trip last month and made many contacts. I used an Off Center Fed dipole with an AL-100 antenna tuner. Do you take ham radio with you on trips and vacations? How about in your daily life? If you were to lose phone service now, could you communicate with your friends and family?
Not only was HF used we used UHF ht's for our main means of communication on the river.
This Saturday night we will have a guest net control operator Evan KG5DIS whom is a Life scout in Boy Scouts. Show him support saturday night on 444.000 at 8 pm.
Thank you for tuning in and 73!

The Lady Ham
Hey ladies! Hope you are having a great summer. I am looking forward to fall & the fun things we can do! I do plan to have a ladies net. Unfortunately the 030 repeater is still down, so I will keep you updated.

Once we get done with Oktoberfest & The Oklahoma State Fair I will pick an evening for us ladies to meet up. I’m thinking of a Friday evening & meeting at a restaurant & this is a great way to get to know each other. All ladies welcome whether you have a license or not. Give me some suggestions of places & dates to work with.
Leah Ohse

Birthdays and Welcome New Members

Evan Anderson KG5DIS earned his technician license at Ham Holiday. He is a part of Life Scout Troop #65. Which is in Harrah,OK. He likes to use radio on campouts and hiking. So him and other scouts can stay in touch. (Thats only one way he uses radio)

Web Updates:
Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office has requested our assistance to provide trained communicators for both Oktoberfest and for the Oklahoma State Fair.

What we will be doing is working as dispatchers. So you must be able to speak clearly, Log communications using a computer, remain calm under pressure and stressful situations and monitor multiple radios at the same time. Hours will be between 5pm to midnight Each night of the event. August 29th to Sept 6th for Oktoberfest and Sept 11th to Sept 21st

If you would like to help please email for more info. You must be able to pass a background check.

Evan Anderson KG5DIS

Repeater List

UHF 444.000Mhz + 5.00Mhz Offset 151.4Hz Tone

UHF 442.950Mhz + 5.00Mhz Offset DCS 411

Club Meeting Where: Chequers Restaurant 1009 South Air Depot, Midwest City, OK  Grid Square: EM15GK When: 1st Saturday of every month Time: 10:00am to 11:00am Talk-In: 444.000Mhz + 151.4Hz Tone.

Training Meeting When: 2nd Monday of every month Where: Midwest City Fire Department Headquarters 8201 E Reno Ave, MWC GPS:-97.3853 35.46453 Grid Square: EM15HL Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm Talk-In: 444.000Mhz + 151.4Hz Tone. Mid-Del ARC PO Box 30512 Midwest City, OK 73140


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KF5VBU - Tanya Tock



W3LEO - Leah Ohse


Emergency Coordinator

W5DRO - Donald Ohse



K5ATG - Aaron Scott

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